Hey, I’m Steven. I’m from Phoenix, AZ. I’m a web developer by day and a Netflix binge-watcher at night. I’m originally from Pennsylvania but moved to Arizona to start a small company with my friends from the university. With our combined experience in strategy, product management, and analytics, we’re delivering results for Fortune 500s, medium to small businesses. Not bad for a 3-year-old startup if you ask me.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog since high school. But I never really got the chance to do it until now because I was so focused on my studies. I’m still quite busy but at least now I have more free time to do stuff that I like. I like sharing my knowledge with people. I part-timed as a tutor when I was in college. It’s something that I really like to do; teaching. So I’m using this website to teach. Teach the readers about the things that I know and care for. So I hope that you readers will find my entries insightful.