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how to season ground turkey
Jun 13

How to Season Ground Turkey in Grand Style

By admin | Nutrition

Is there an issued statement that says turkeys are for thanksgiving or Christmas? I guess the answer is no. Turkeys are fantastic for every and all occasion and should be enjoyed by everyone. Ground turkey can be rolled into various items such as meatballs, burgers, meatloaf, and it can also be crumbled into sauces.

How to season ground turkey is a topic very dear to me, and I want you to understand it the way I do. Kindly read through as I explain how it works. Before you begin the seasoning, you would need the following ingredients and equipment. 

Ground Turkey Homemade Seasonings

I enjoy cooking ground turkey because of its various benefits that I have come to terms with. My ground turkey easily replaces beef, and it doesn’t consume much of my time while preparing it. Also, ground turkey helps me stay low on calories, and that is highly beneficial to me.

With flavorings, ground turkey is easily garnished into various amazing finished products as I desire. Research has shown that ground turkey, compared to beef, is healthier to the human body. This could be subjected to the lean meat to fat ratio. Low calories and fat are reasons I am in love with ground turkey. 

ground turkey

Before you begin the seasoning, you would need the following ingredients and equipment:

  • Ground turkey
  • Onion
  • Carrot and garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper and salt
  • Spatula
  • Thermometer
  •  Skillet

Steps to Prepare Your Ground Turkey

delicious ground turkey

As we all know, ground turkey is a mix of turkey meat that is ground together until it takes a look in ground form when we see it. One reason I always opt for ground turkey in all my experience is that I spend less than usual. A super quality that is fat-free is still my pick, and it would always come from the leanest part of the turkey.  

Without proper seasoning, I could get pissed off by this sight of the ground turkey. After years of making a mess of my ground turkey, I finally came to these incredible steps.

1/ Step 1: Add oil to the pan and heat 

When seasoning ground turkey, I make use of a pan. I also ensure that the pan starts hot before adding my meat.

Then I add oil to the skillet, usually with the heat at a medium to a high level. Less oil is preferred; about a few teaspoons is appropriate.

2/ Step 2: Add the onions, garlic, and carrot 

Now add these ingredients to make the ground turkey a bit spicy. Although you can skip this step is you are allergic to any of the items mentioned above. Since the pan and oil are already hot, allow these ingredients to cook until they are soft.

3/ Step 3: Add the ground turkey

Add the ground turkey to the hot pan. With the spatula, break the turkey into separated pieces. Usually, I ensure it is not left in a large chunk.

season ground turkey

4/ Step 4: Let it brown

Having done all this, the ground turkey would begin to turn brown. This starts as a white-grey color. At this point, I would now add other ingredients to make it unique.

Now, season with salt and pepper, amongst other ingredients. Stir the ground turkey and allow it to cook for a few minutes. Make sure you stir appropriately. 

5/ Step 5: Now that it’s done?

Your ground turkey needs about 12 to 15 minutes to get cooked. One sign you would look out for is the brown coloration, without any pinkish color, of the turkey indicating that it is ready.  

Now there is a trick I usually use to be sure about this. I make use of a thermometer to test it, and the least reading should be 165 degrees F. 


The ground turkey is an excellent meal, according to thekitchn ensure you do not overhandle it to avoid it being compacted. These steps should be taken religiously. I have these steps written and placed on my fridge, that’s how dear they are to me. I think you should do the same.  

Seasoning the meat is linked to how much you would enjoy it. If your seasoning of salt and pepper is wrong (including other herbs or spices you desire), your ground turkey can end up bland and flavorless. Tasteless and might end in the dustbin. Remember that the herbs and spices are for additional flavoring.  

I hope you enjoy this tutorial session on how to season the ground turkey. Do well to share with friends and family and also let me know if you learned something. Make use of the comment section, drop your feedback, and I will get back to you.  

Dear readers, I really would love to see you engage me in the comment session. Let share knowledge together and acquire various ways to enjoy seasoning our ground turkey.

how to season ground turkey
how long does cold brew last
Jun 10

How Long Does Cold Brew Last?

By admin | Nutrition

I love coffee, that’s one thing for sure, I mean, who doesn’t? It fuels you every time of the day, hot or iced, black or creamy, it is indeed a hug in a cup. And these days, many (including me) are getting crazy about this new coffee technique called ‘Cold Brew’, but many are also wondering, how long does cold brew last? So here are some truths about cold brew coffee.

What is Cold Brew?

Cold-brewed coffee is not the same as your traditionally brewed hot coffee that is poured over ice, it undergoes the process of slowly steeping your favorite ground coffee beans in water for some good hours, (20 hours maximum) before you strain the coffee from the liquid. Giving you a pure, concentrated, and flavorful coffee to enjoy for weeks.

It is also known that cold brew is less acidic but more caffeinated than the regular brewed coffee you usually have. It has a more pleasant and stable flavor than the traditional one, due to the process that it has undergone; it will give you a sweet, and strong-flavored coffee concentrate.

how long does cold brew coffee last in the fridge

How Long Does Cold Brew Last?

You can make as much cold brew as you want in your home, have a bottle of it reserved for future use. But just like iced tea, the cold brew also has a short shelf life. Because your coffee concentrate is made at home, it can only last up to two weeks or less.

Your coffee’s best flavor is more palpable in the first week, its good flavor and aroma can only be enjoyed in the earlier days it was made and will slowly depreciates its quality and flavor on the second.

On the other hand, a cold brew has to be diluted with water, or cream, or milk, depending on your liking because it’s a concentrated coffee. And when it is mixed with other things like milk, it will have a shorter shelf life than the concentrated one, and could only last for about 2-3 days.

how long does cold bre last

So, it is not advisable to dilute the whole batch of cold brew you made in one go, as it will further reduce your coffee concentrate’s shelf life.

Since there’ll be a lot of coffee concentrate leftover, cold brew should be refrigerated right away to prevent mold from developing immediately. And it is best for your cold brew coffee to be consumed within the first week it was made when it’s still in its best quality.

How Do You Know If Cold Brew Has Gone Bad?

Since your cold-brewed coffee could only last for 2 weeks, the flavor and the quality of your coffee will start to decrease, as mold and bacteria will start to build up in your cold brew.

Loss in aroma, the once strong and aromatic coffee will get dull and not as pleasant as it was in the first week, it will start to become stale. The change in its flavor is noticeable too.

cold brew coffee

However, it is not advisable for you to still have a taste of your cold brew coffee if it has been sitting around for more than two weeks. As it may cause health issues, if you knew that your cold brew is long overdue, it is highly suggested that you just discard it and brew another fresh batch.

Tips to Make Your Cold Brew Last Longer

A homemade cold brew could only last up to 2 weeks, and certain procedures such as proper sterilization and pasteurization should be done to lengthen the period of the cold brew just like what commercial manufacturers do to make their cold brew last up to 6 months.

Because we don’t have proper equipment and sterilization at home, what we could only do is proper practices to retain the freshness of your cold brew.

  • Do not dilute the entire coffee concentrate. Diluting it with milk or cream can shorten its shelf life even more.
  • Store your coffee concentrate in your fridge. This will keep it fresh up until 2 weeks.
  • As you consume your cold brew, you might want to size down the container according to your cold brew’s volume. This helps lessen the air in the bottle, so as not to oxidize the coffee and reduce the flavor.
iced cold brew coffee


Cold brew is undeniably an amazing drink, it is timeless, you can indulge yourself with a nice cup whenever you want to. But cold brew only has its duration.

Aside from the fact that it will lose its strong flavor, mold and bacteria will build up and take over your cold brew’s quality, making it undrinkable overtime. That’s why it is best to consume it immediately within the week that it was made, so there’ll be no coffee that’ll put to waste.

how long does cold brew last
How to Cook Frozen Chicken Patties in Air Fryer
May 28

Frozen Chicken Patties in Air Fryer – The Best Way to Cook

By admin | Nutrition

On a great weekend, it would be nice to have a tasty meal everyone can enjoy. Look no further because chicken patties are precisely what you need. There are many ways to cook chicken patties, and an air fryer is one of them. But to someone unfamiliar with the device, it’s a wonder how to cook frozen chicken patties in air fryer.

Chicken patties are a baked good that is a great way to use your leftover chicken, as a filler for a sandwich or a hearty protein-rich dish on its own. On the other hand, an air fryer is more like a countertop convection oven. Learn how to cook chicken patties with an air fryer in the rest of the post.

How to Cook Frozen Chicken Patties in Air Fryer

Cooking frozen chicken patties in an air fryer is easy. Assuming you already made or bought the patties and stored them in the refrigerator, the first thing you need to do is take them out. You will have to defrost the patties first. While this happens, prepare what you will need then follow the instructions below.

  • Equipment: Air Fryer
  • Ingredients: Chicken Patties 
  • Procedure:
  • Set the air fryer to 180-degree C or 360-degree F to preheat. It will likely take around 3 minutes.
  • Put two defrosted chicken patties inside the air fryer. Let them cook for around 4 to 6 minutes, depending on the doneness you desire.
  • Flip the patties and cook the other side for another 4-6 minutes per your desired doneness for even cooking.
  • Take them out when done and put another set if you still have chicken patties to cook.

This is how to cook frozen chicken patties in air fryer. It’s simple and quick, especially if you have made the patties beforehand. Now you can make your chicken burger and other recipes for a good hearty meal.

4 Delicious Dinners You Can Make with Frozen Chicken Patties

Here are quick and easy-to-make dinners using frozen chicken patties you can try at home:

1/ Chicken Patties with Honey Glazed Carrots

Chicken Patties with Honey Glazed Carrots

You can liven up your chicken patties dinner with this recipe. Besides the ground chicken made into patties, the ingredients include Greek yogurt, lettuce leaves, medium tomatoes, and more. Here’s a link to its recipe.

2/ Thai Style Chicken Patties

thai chicken patties

This one is a lot like your usual chicken patties but with a slight difference in the ingredients used. As it is Thai style, the taste may be a little different. If you want to try it, click here to see the recipe.

3/ Chicken Burger

chicken patties burger

Using ground chicken, you can make patties to use for your very own chicken burger. It’s an easy recipe to make that won’t take a lot of your time. Check this link to see how.

4/ Instant Chicken Parmesan

chicken patties parmesan pasta

In this recipe, you can add a savory taste to the chicken patties with cheese and marinara sauce. It’s a dish that kids will surely love especially those who like spaghetti. Make it using the recipe in this link

The Best Air Fryer for Your Frozen Chicken Patties

To make the best dinner using chicken patties, you also need the best equipment. When it comes to the best air dryer, we recommend Dash Deluxe Electric Air Dryer. It is easy to the eyes and can be described as cute. This appliance makes a striking appearance in your kitchen.


  • Variety of colors
  • Can accommodate large families
  • Has Air Crisp Technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Great accessories
  • Affordable price


  • Exterior coating is not very durable
  • Non-stick coating easily peels off


best air fryer for chicken patties

Manual Controls and Non-Stick Coating

The air dryer’s controls are all manual but operating them is simple. This air fryer has two manual knobs. One for controlling the cooking time and the other for temperature. You will see the temperature knob on the top of the device while the timer knob is on the front. 


Besides cooking chicken patties, it can cook batches of french fries, wings, and Brussels sprouts as well. When it comes to cleaning, it is pretty easy as well since the crisper basket comes with non-stick coating. Other features include a cool-touch handle, auto-shutoff, and non-skid feet.

best air fryer for chicken patties

Large Capacity

Dash Deluxe Air Fryer weighs 5.7 pounds, half of most other air fryers in the market. The 1.2 quart one is portable, making it ideal for use in apartments, college dorms, and others with limited space. On the other hand, you can choose one with a larger capacity in the family-size 6-quart air dryer.


As mentioned before, this air dryer looks hip. You can choose from various colors such as black, red, aqua, black, white, and gray. If you want an air dryer to cook your chicken patties with, wouldn’t it be nice if it complements your kitchen too? It’s a good thing Dash Deluxe Air Dryer does that.


Chicken patties are a quick and easy-to-make dish perfect for snacks and dinners. Children and adults love it, so getting an air dryer for cooking them would be an investment. Hopefully, the recipes mentioned in this article will give you an idea of how to make your family happy with chicken patties.

As for how to cook frozen chicken patties in air dryer, it’s pretty straightforward, so we’re not really worried. If you get Dash Deluxe Air Dryer, we are glad and happier for you because we know that this appliance will be a great addition to your kitchen. 

how to cook frozen chicken patties in an air fryer
cook frozen chicken nuggets in air fryer
chicken nuggets in air fryer
frozen chicken patties cooked in air fryer
frozen chicken in air fryer
what does swordfish taste like
May 19

What Does Swordfish Taste Like?

By admin | Nutrition

The swordfish, getting its name from its sword-like appearance, is one delicacy that is fast gaining acceptance amongst chefs’ world over. Its flesh can also appear either white, pink, ivory, or orange.

So, after making these descriptions, what does swordfish taste like? Although some opinion sharing platforms like Reddit mentions have been made of the swordfish tasting like the shark, there have been concerns about how healthy it is to consume it.

What Does Swordfish Taste Like?

There are many choices to make as to the best-tasting fishes out there, although there are preferences, the swordfish is undeniably one of the best-tasting fishes as it a meaty fish stock with a dense texture.

The swordfish remains moist after cooking, and there is this mild, subtle sweetness it offers after every bite. If you are the typical steak lover, the taste of this fish will delight you extremely. Swordfish are best cooked on a grill or pan-fried.

Some have the opinion that it has a similar taste to the salmon, with the only difference being a meaty and chewy texture. Opinions differ as to when it comes to taste, it can be relative and can feel differently to different individuals.

what does swordfish taste like

Others have mentioned that the swordfish tastes like the tuna fish, and it has a perfect consistency, which is unlike the Cod or Haddock. With its dense texture, some have said it does not readily fall apart when sliced.

In that it is not similar to pork meat, it does not also have the salty pungency of the fish varieties available. It is seen as not particularly distinctive, with many agreeing to its steak-like nature with all its heaviness and meatiness.

Does Swordfish Taste Like Chicken?

Mentions have been made of the swordfish tasting like chicken and seeing its only difference being that it has scales instead of feathers and a long beak. The swordfish is a white-fleshed fish that is rapidly gaining popularity with steaks, as mentioned earlier.

The mild taste of the swordfish is perfect for those who are unsure about their love for fish. There are some redder areas of the fish with a more robust flavor that can easily be cut off. People also use the swordfish for making kebabs aside from using it for steaks.

Do make sure you trim the inedible and tough skin before and after cooking. The FDA also put out specific guidelines about the swordfish containing certain levels of mercury and some other chemicals which might be unsafe for pregnant women and little children. Do take special care when you choose to eat the swordfish.

Some Swordfish Recipes

Swordfish recipes has developed over time. These recipes depend on individual preferences, which goes a long way to influence the taste of swordfish after cooking. Some of these recipes include:

  • Grilled swordfish with lemon, basil, and mint.
  • It can also be eaten with spaghetti and citrus pesto.
  • Swordfish with ‘Nicoise’ salad.
  • Swordfish with grilled caponata is also one of the recipes that have been developed over time.
swordfish recipes

The mildly sweet flavor of the swordfish has made it perfect for the addition of appropriate sauces and marinades. Its meat is so firm that those who are not fans of eating fish can be comfortable with it.

In the use of the swordfish in making steaks, a wide variety of flavors can be used so far; they do not affect the original character of the fish.

Other Cooking Methods

These other cooking methods also go a long way in influencing how the swordfish tastes like, to first-timers. It can be used as the perfect stew fish as it remains intact after several minutes of cooking; it would not readily dissolve like most other fishes.

If the recipe includes tuna, you can replace it with the swordfish; you only need to poach it slowly in olive oil, while still flaking it into a salad. It becomes meaty and mouth-filling this way. Although generally, the swordfish is usually not the right candidate for poaching or even deep-frying.

The swordfish is one very nutritious piece of meat with about 100 grams of it having nearly about 20 grams of protein and about 121 calories. It is one good source of nutrients as it is high in a whole lot of elements such as niacin, selenium, and vitamin B12.

what does swordfish taste like


Finally, when it comes to the taste of the swordfish, it is relative. The many recipes and cooking methods adopted over time have also influenced the feeling of many of its new consumers over time. Although there are some general opinions on how its flavor, such that it is one moist meat with a dense structure. It does not readily taste like the conventional fish but a salt-like comfortable feel, which is also unlike other fish tastes.

swordfish taste like
how is the taste of swordfish
taste of swordfish
how does swordfish taste like
what does swordfish taste like
How Long Is Spaghetti Good for
Apr 27

How Long Is Spaghetti Good for?

By admin | Food

Spaghetti is one meal for all seasons, for all the times of the day. It is one classical, historically significant dish that everyone enjoys from time to time. Many techniques or means have been deployed in cooking spaghetti. But after cooking, how long is spaghetti good for? It is no news that either with meat or making side dishes to enjoy your spaghetti with, spaghetti is one versatile food item.  

With all the various methods of enjoying spaghetti that has been mentioned, sometimes, you can cook too much, or you happen to prepare for uninterested guests? Then what is the way to go after this? In contemporary times and situations like this, refrigeration/freezing is the ideal way of preservation. Hence the sole reason questions like this arise.

How Long Is Spaghetti Good for?

Inside the refrigerator

This is one question that abounds on the internet. When it comes to spaghetti, after cooking it, outside the fridge, it can only last for about 2-3 hours; else, you risk it getting soggy and unappealing. Inside the refrigerator, spaghetti can last for about 3-5 days. You can extend this time by freezing. 

spaghetti in the fridge
This way, it can last for about 1 to 2 months. Spaghetti, by its nature, can quickly spoil when left standing at room temperature as, at this temperature, bacteria grow very rapidly and instantly at temperatures between 40-140F.

Room temperature

For better understanding, note that if spaghetti is left for more than 2 hours at average room temperature or the earlier stated temperature, it can go rancid. 

However, as expected, the quality after these storage periods is not as good as when it is freshly cooked; but it is still edible enough, and it can be used to prepare other dishes; related recipes abound all over the internet.

How to Store Spaghetti to Extend Its Shelf Life

The extent to which spaghetti can stay in the freezer or refrigerator depends on no small scale on the storage conditions. Food must be stored appropriately, even within the medium of preservation.

To maximize the shelf life, you should store properly cooked spaghetti in airtight containers or resealable containers for quality and safety.

how to keep spaghetti longer
It is essential at this point to note that aside from airtight containers, heavy-duty freezer bags can also be used for preservation. Cooked spaghetti dishes containing the sauce is said to freeze the best. However, cooked spaghetti may become overly mushy and unattractive when thawed.

At this point, do note that as mentioned earlier, the shelf life of food stored is affected by the twin factors of safety and quality. The way food works can be puzzling at times as it is possible for your spaghetti and its sauce to taste perfectly okay and still harbor dangerously high levels of harmful bacteria and, at other times, taste sour while still perfectly fine for ingestion.

The USDA general practical guidelines regarding the storage of edible food strictly recommend that leftovers should be consumed within 3-4 days after cooking, and this restricts the time food should be refrigerated or freeze in order not to compromise on safety and quality.
Do note that as the time of freezing or refrigeration increases, the lower it's quality. Spaghetti does taste better if it's stored with little air. Recommendations have been made to use vacuum sealers if possible.

You can make use of bags to store the pasta; you should endeavor to keep it in separate smaller portions so you can easily take it out and prepare for small meals when needed.

To Get it Right

After getting the maximum time, you can keep your spaghetti leftovers in order not to compromise on safety and quality. One there are these leftovers, you only need to pack them suitably within two hours after cooking, and store them in either the freezer or the refrigerator, whichever you prefer.

If you prepared way more than enough, divide them into small packages so they will cool quickly, spread the containers in which you have chosen to store them in the fridge. Stacking them will only retain the heat, and if you have to stack them, do take care to rotate them from time to time, so they cook evenly.

how long is spaghetti good for

How to Reheat Spaghetti

After you have successfully stored your spaghetti for a reasonable period without it developing any unusual odor, or becoming mushy, or having an untoward appearance, you need to reheat your spaghetti before you eat it again. To do this, you should defrost the bag in which you stored the pasta by boiling the spaghetti in water or running cold water over it.

Thawing and reheating all depends on the amount of pasta you want to eat. Within 1 or 2 minutes, the pasta should be thoroughly reheated. Since it is already fully cooked, all you would need to worry about is to warm the sauce and other ingredients to make it desirable.


Finally, for you to store any food you might have prepared in excess or for whatever reason, you need to take great care not to compromise on the required safety and quality. As for spaghetti, note that it can only be suitable for a few hours after cooking; and to preserve, you can either make use of the freezer or the refrigerator.

This can only be from a few days to some months. The various methods by which you can do this have been appropriately highlighted. Although original quality is still not assured.

how long is spaghetti good for
how long is spaghetti good for
how long is spaghetti good for
how long is spaghetti good for
how long is spaghetti good for
Dec 11

The Benefits Of Cooking With Prickly Pears

By admin | Nutrition

This fruit is popular in the Southwest regions of the US and in Mexico. The prickly pear has a figgish flavor and brings both a beautiful color to recipes and nutrients.

Prickly pears are the fruit that forms in round to oval shapes from the pads of the cactus plant. It is popular in the Southwestern areas of the US, Mexico and considered a weed in Australia. This fruit also goes by the name of ‘tuna’ in Mexico, or Indian figs (coming from part of the scientific name Opuntia ficus indica).

The color of the prickly pear fruit is a strikingly rich magenta color, but can be found in golds and fuchsia colors as well. Prickly pears are a great fruit to add to both sweet and savory dishes, and its flavor can be described between a melon and a fig, with highlights of kiwi fruit or strawberry, depending on the individual fruit and plant.

Because of the unique flavor profile, prickly pears give wonderful highlights to fruit dishes, desserts and to entree salads, and brings great color to vinaigrettes and sauces. But the prickly pears are not just pretty to look at. They are loaded with antioxidants and dietary fiber, and have been shown to reduce inflammation.

Nutritional Information For The Prickly Pear Fruit

Prickly pears are high in potassium, magnesium and calcium and are an excellent source of Vitamin C. They also contain beta carotene. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, one fruit (minus the seeds and skins) has 42 calories, around 9 grams carbohydrates and 3.7 g of dietary fiber.

Picking Prickly Pears And Removing The Spines

Prickly pears, while having a beautiful magenta to dark fuchsia coloring, also have spines surrounding it. The cactus that bears the fruit may be protected in certain areas, but if you are fortunate enough to have one of these growing in your backyard, they are a great treat to use instead of leaving them for the birds. Most of the ones available for sale in markets and stores will already have the spines conveniently removed for the consumer.

If picking them by hand, use tongs to grasp the fruit while cutting it from the cactus, or use heavy gloves. The spines are very spiky and very fine, and difficult to find and remove once imbedded in a finger or a thumb. Once you’ve brought them home two popular ways to remove the spines are to drop in cold, running water or use a kitchen hand torch just quickly enough to burn away the spines. If deciding to rub them off, use a very thick toweling to rub them off.

Using The Fruit In Recipes

The prickly pear fruit has hard seeds that although are edible, are quite hard. The best way to use the fruit is to smash and strain the fruit thus collecting its puree through a strainer. Peel, chop and place in the bowl of a fine mesh strainer, and using a ladle or kitchen spatula press on the fruit to extract as much juice and puree that can be pressed out.

There are many benefits of using prickly pears in culinary applications. These fruits not only give a pretty base coloring for many recipes, but also can provide additional nutrients to the overall dish being prepared.


Eating Tree Nuts For Health

Dec 10

How to Kick Start Metabolism Naturally

By admin | Nutrition

Discover natural, effective ways to boost your metabolism without drugs or supplements.

Some people are convinced that their metabolism is slow and that they’re forever doomed to wear a size 14. As a generalization, most people don’t have a slow metabolism, they’re simply taking in too many calories and exercising too little.

In rare cases, a person’s metabolism may be slow because of a medical problem such as an underactive thyroid, but this isn’t as common as most people believe. The good news is this there are ways to kick start metabolism naturally without supplements or diet pills. Here are some ways to do it safely.

How To Eat To Stimulate Fat Burning

The first rule is to never skip breakfast. After seven or eight hours of sleep, the body needs fuel to burn. Without a morning meal, the body can go into starvation mode in a desperate attempt to hold onto any fuel reserves it has. The key to preventing this is to eat a morning meal that’s high in protein. Good choices are an egg and a small bowl of oatmeal or a cup of yogurt and fruit with a little protein power mixed in. Studies have shown that when a person doesn’t eat breakfast, their brain is more likely to crave higher calorie foods later. Start the day off right to increase fat burning later.

The second way to kick start the metabolism is to eat five or six small meals throughout the day with each containing a small amount of protein. This ensures that the body always has fuel and won’t slow down because it senses starvation. Skipping meals or restricting calories isn’t the key to successful weight loss. Just make sure the small meals are healthy and calorie controlled.

How To Drink To Increase Fat Burning

Most people take in far too many liquid calories. Substitute water or green tea for soft drinks and other higher calorie beverages. Green tea is a good choice because some studies show that the catechins it contains helps to increase fat burning. Avoid sugar sweetened beverages and alcohol.

How To Exercise To Kick Start Metabolism

Exercise is crucial for peak fat burning. The best kind of exercise is high intensity interval training. This involves short periods of intense exercise followed by longer periods of less intense exercise for recovery.

Start by doing five minutes of exercise at a low intensity followed by two minutes of exercise that increases the heart rate to 90 percent of maximum. Repeat this cycle for a total of 20 to 30 minutes. This type of interval training gives an afterburn effect where caloric expenditure is higher even after the exercise is stopped which is a real boon to fat burning. Follow up with resistance training to build lean body mass which further stimulates the metabolism.

Other Tips To Stimulate Fat Burning

It’s important to get at least six to seven hours of sleep per night since sleep deprivation is associated with higher levels of hormones that lead to weight gain. Don’t skimp on sleep. Finally, take a closer look at medications. Certain medications, particularly anti-depressant and drugs that are used to treat mental disorders can cause weight gain.

Boost Metabolism And Increase Fat Burning Now

Try these all-natural ways to stimulate fat burning. They’re safer and smarter than diet pills.


Weight Loss – How To Do It

Nov 28

Eating Tree Nuts For Health

By admin | Nutrition

From Brazil nuts to almonds, from cashews to pecans, tree nuts bestow a tasty and nutritionally rich bounty.

What are tree nuts? Tree nuts are nutritionally dense morsels that come in compact packages. These nuts are so nutritious, in fact, that they make an ideal food.

Studies have shown promising results in relation to consumption of tree nuts and reduced risk factors for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, gallstones, and weight control.

Researchers point to a plant-based diet as one that supports human health. Consuming a diet that includes mixed nuts is a step in the right direction.

Tree Nut Information

Tree nuts contain bioactive nutrients that affect cardiovascular and metabolic health significantly. Regular use of nuts can help regulate body weight. Diets that include whole unprocessed foods such as organic nuts can be an important step in protecting against the disease process.

Edible Tree Nuts

Almonds: Almond research points to the role that almonds play in relation to colon cancer. Antioxidant polyphenols, vitamin E, and dietary fiber found in almonds may help in prevention of colon cancer. Nine clinical trials have demonstrated that almonds can lower cholesterol. The National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute has suggested replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat, such as monounsaturated fat found in almonds.

Brazil Nuts: Brazil nuts are a superior source of selenium, a mineral and antioxidant that may prevent heart disease. Brazil nut protein contains all the amino acids that are required, making them particularly suitable for vegetarian diets. Just a couple of Brazil nuts can provide the body with the daily requirement.

Cashews: Cashews provide magnesium, which is important for strong bones. Cashews contain copper that can protect against osteoporosis and joint problems.

Hazelnuts: Hazelnuts are one of the most nutritious nuts, with high levels of B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, folate, and foods.

Macadamia Nuts: Daily consumption of macadamias may render a beneficial effect in reducing cholesterol and decreasing risk of heart disease (according to results from research conducted at University of Newcastle, Australia, and published by the American Society for Nutritional Sciences).

Pecans: Pecans contain over 19 vitamins and minerals and are loaded with antioxidants.

Pine Nuts: Pine nuts are a good source of potassium and provide zinc, manganese, niacin, and arginine.

Pistachios: Pistachios are high in vitamin E and are a rich source of phytosterols.

Walnuts: Walnuts contain heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, which are important in relation to high blood pressure, heart health, and for improving the cholesterol profile for people with type II diabetes.

Benefits Of Eating Tree Nuts


  • Nuts contain important phytochemicals: carotonoids, flavonoids, phytosterols, and proanthocyanidins. Phenolic compounds and phytosterols are some of the plant constituents that may protect against cancer development in humans. Choosing an assortment or consuming mixed nuts ensures that you are giving your body substances that are beneficial to health.


  • Epidemiological studies have established nuts as a potential source of antioxidants, reducing risk factors for a variety of severe diseases.


  • Nut-derived phytosterols mimic cholesterol, blocking cholesterol (derived from food sources) from being absorbed into the blood stream, thereby lowering LDL cholesterol. Consuming organic nuts may help to target undesirable cholesterol levels.

Nut trees offer a tempting variety of edible nuts. The nutrient content of tree nuts makes them a good dietary choice, while their potential in relation to disease reduction shows promise.


Saturated Fat And How To Avoid It

Nov 28

Saturated Fat And How To Avoid It

By admin | Nutrition

The Food Standards Agency has launched a public health campaign to highlight the risks of eating too much saturated fat. What is saturated fat and how can we avoid it?

Consumer research by the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) shows that we are eating too much saturated fat, putting ourselves at risk of heart disease, obesity and strokes. Many of us regard all fats as ‘bad’ and are unaware that some fat is essential to the body. 48% of those surveyed thought that there was no need to worry about saturated fat consumption if you keep fit and eat your 5-a-day. The FSA wants to change our perception, as excessive saturated fat consumption is a major cause of heart disease in the western world.

‘People say they know that saturated fat is bad for them but they don’t necessarily link it to heart disease and what they are eating’, says Tim Smith, Chief Executive of the FSA. ‘It’s important they make that connection because heart disease is the UK’s number one killer – one in three of us will die as a result.’

Are There ‘Good’ And ‘Bad’ Fats?

Fat consists of two types of fatty acids – saturated and unsaturated. Food is categorised as ‘saturated’ or ‘unsaturated’ according to which type of fatty acid dominates. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ fat as such – certain foods like butter contain more saturated fat and need to be eaten in moderation. Fats are essential as they provide us with energy and help us to transport vitamins A, D, E and K around the body.

Saturated fat comes from animal protein – butter, margarine, cheese, full fat milk, red meat, cakes and pies and is solid at room temperature. Too much raises cholesterol in the blood and blocks our arteries. Unsaturated fat is derived from vegetable sources and is liquid in form. It is divided into monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. It’s important that we eat the right type of fats – foods containing omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids – oily fish, olive or sunflower oil, nuts, seeds and vegetables will help to protect our heart.

How Much Fat Should We Eat?

Government guidelines recommend women and children (aged 5-10) have no more than 70g (20g saturated) fat per day. Men – no more than 95g (30g saturated). Babies need fat for growth but from aged two onwards can eat lower fat dairy products or soya milk.

Eight Ways To Cut down On Saturated Fat

Healthy eating doesn’t equate to a diet devoid of taste. Don’t deprive yourself of foods you love – eat less of them and experiment with new foods. Substituting everyday items will make a big difference:

  • White meat is lower in fat than red meat. Try turkey mince instead of beef. Remove the skin and fatty bits before cooking and grill instead of frying.
  • Edam and cottage cheese are lower in fat than hard cheeses. Grate it rather than slicing.
  • Have skimmed or semi-skimmed, soya or oat milk.
  • Swap butter for an olive spread. Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar is a delicious dip for bread.
  • Replace biscuits and cakes with snacks containing polyunsaturated fat such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Plain scones and fruit loaf are lower in fat than cakes and pastries.
  • Research at the University of Surrey found that people who ate two eggs a day while on a calorie-restricted diet lost weight and reduced blood cholesterol levels. Bruce Griffin, Professor of Nutritional Metabolism said that they are ‘one of nature’s most nutritionally dense foods.’
  • When buying ready meals choose tomato-based sauces rather than creamy ones.

Meals containing more than 5g of saturated fat per 100g are high in fat.

You don’t need to deprive yourself of fat as in moderation, it is a good source of energy. Experiment with different types for cooking and spreads – olive oils, soya spreads, nut butters – and you will be able to reduce your fat intake without radically altering your diet or losing taste. If you are worried about your cholesterol level ask your doctor for a cholesterol test.


How To Get Motivated For Weight Loss

Nov 20

Weight Loss – How To Do It

By admin | Nutrition

What’s the first step in losing weight and how can you ensure a successful long-term weight loss? These questions are answered with this first in a series of articles.

Former professional football player and running back for the Dallas Cowboys, Emmit Smith, adopted a credo from his high school football coach,” It’s a dream until you write it down, then it’s a goal. However, writing down your goals along with an elaborate, detailed plan for reaching those goals is not an achievement of itself.

Until you actually carry out your written plan, it’s just a “dream” on paper. Although you may expend a great amount of time and effort in fashioning, writing, and developing a plan for attaining your goals, all of the elaborate details, time, and research invested in formulating the plan are valueless if you don’t actually put the plan into action. This principle applies to implementing a weight-loss regimen as well.

Motivation To Lose Weight Then Action

To achieve a weight-loss goal you must act, not just make plans to act. Although a plan for weight loss provides details of how to lose weight, your actions determine success or failure in your endeavor; thus, the specific weight-loss and/or diet regimen that you choose to lose weight is not as important as your motivation or will to lose the weight. Accordingly, your motivation (and reason) to lose weight is paramount to success in weight loss because your motivation provides the impetus to action. A perfect diet plan or workout routine that is written down but never actually utilized is valueless.

Although the planner may believe that the effort involved in creating an elaborate weight-loss plan is a noteworthy accomplishment of itself, the individual’s actions will ultimately dictate success or failure. The weight-loss plan itself is important, but a poorly planned weight-loss regimen can still yield positive (though short-lived) results if the planner has a single-minded obsession to lose the weight. The diet regimen adopted by actor Christian Bale in preparation for his role as an anorexic industrial worker in the movie, The Machinist, serves as an example of how an ill-planned weight-loss regimen executed by an individual with single-minded determination may still result in success.

Any Plan For Losing Weight Will Work For A Little While

According to People magazine, Bale’s weight-loss diet consisted of “coffee, cigarettes, and an apple a day.” This atrocious diet was successful for a period of time, and the actor eventually lost 63 pounds; however, this diet could only be maintained for a limited period of time and certainly not for a lifetime. Nonetheless, Christian Bale’s diet plan worked; he lost the weight.

The lesson to be learned from the example is that even the most horrendous plan may result in a successful weight loss. The actor, Christian Bale, was motivated (or maybe obsessed) by his desire to convincingly portray the character in The Machinist. Oftentimes success is more dependent on the individual’s resolve and actions than on the written plan. The first step in losing weight is establishing the correct mind-set. The mind is the most important “muscle” that you will utilize during a successful weight-loss regimen because the mind controls your body and your actions.

Mind Over Matter

Anorexia nervosa is defined in Tabers Medical Encyclopedia 20th Edition as “an eating disorder marked by weight loss, emaciation, a disturbance in body image , and a fear of weight gain.” Anorexia nervosa is classified as a psychological disorder, and the disorder is an example of how powerful a weapon that the mind can be. The individual with anorexia nervosa decides to lose an extreme amount of weight, and he or she is disturbingly successful in the endeavor.

Although researchers cannot ascertain an exact cause of anorexia, some researchers believe that anorexia is closely linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder (2000, Gordon, p. 33). Whatever the underlying cause, an individual with anorexia certainly has a single-minded compulsion to lose weight, and writing down his or her goal of weight loss is not the determining factor for transforming (or rather destroying) his/her body. The reason for mentioning the disorder, anorexia nervosa, is to emphasize the power of the mind in transforming the body. Anorexia nervosa is an extreme example of the mind’s influence of one’s actions and self-perception, but it is an effective example precisely because of this extreme.

Motivation And Obsession Leads To Success

The old adage, “work smarter, not harder,” is the rationale for developing plans for weight loss or any other endeavor. However, if one is obsessed enough – working harder may produce dramatic results despite a mediocre plan. Accordingly, the first step in successful weight loss is achieving the right mind-set i.e. you must have a good enough personal reason for losing the weight to motivate you. An individual who is possessed by a maniacal obsession to carry out a poorly conceived, barely efficient plan is likely to have more success than an individual with an excellent plan but the lack of will to carry out the plan.In conclusion, in order to be successful at weight loss you must first have a purpose and motivation for losing weight. Your ultimate goal is to not regain the weight that you lose and to maintain your health. As far as planning for weight-loss goals, your weight-loss plan should be just detailed enough to ensure that you receive enough nutrition to maintain your health and enough calories to maintain your metabolism. The next article in this series addresses some of the necessary elements of long-term weight-loss in more detail. The most important thing to remember is that for successful weight loss, you must be motivated enough to lose the weight. As the series continues, examples of individuals with the proper mind-set and planning will be presented.


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