Does “Annabelle Comes Home” Has A Post Credits?

Annabelle Comes Home Review: Adventures In Babysitting A Devil Doll

Set in 1973, amid a forest of shag carpeting, “Annabelle Comes Home”is a nice little summer surprise, and quite unexpectedly the freshest of the three “Annabelle” movies spun off from the larger “Conjuring” galaxy of horror films.

Most of the action confines itself to the suburban Connecticut split-level home of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), who have business out of town and leave their 10-year-old daughter, Judy (Mckenna Grace), in the loving care of teenage Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman).

Not all spirits are evil, but some of them are very, very bad. For this reason, Annabelle is the most dangerous thing in the Warrens’ collection. Because attempting to destroy the doll will only make everything worse, the Warrens seal her in a consecrated glass box with a sign instructing anyone who somehow gets into their room of cursed objects to never, ever let her out. Obviously, that warning isn’t heeded.

Annabelle Comes Home After Credits Scene

‘Does “Annabelle Comes Home” has an after credits’ is the most-asked question. For those who are wondering, Annabelle Comes Home does NOT include an after-credits scene.

Its closing credits do, however, start off with some stylized renderings of shots from the movie that are worth remaining seated for. It’s always polite to sit through a film’s entire credits, of course, but those who do so here shouldn’t expect any last-minute surprises or sequel teases beyond that.

Annabelle Comes Home Run Time

The next chapter of “The Conjuring” universe – “Annabelle Comes Home” will be realeased on June 28th. The film promises to bring the thrilling to the audience until the very last scene of 106 minitues show time.

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