‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Shares Picture Of Beth Chapman On Bedside

Photos From Dog The Bounty Hunter – Duanne Chapman

Duane “Dog” Chapman shared a photo from his wife Beth’s hospital bedside on Monday.

The man known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter” posted an image to his Twitter account which showed his wife’s hand resting on what appears to be a hospital bed. The photo shows her well manicured nails, as well as a bandage, hospital bracelet and some type of wrapping.

“She Is Ready To Pass” – says Co-Star Kaleo Padilla

Kaleo Padilla, who will appear on Dog’s Most Wanted when it premieres next year, slammed a Twitter user who criticized Beth and husband Duane “Dog” Chapman.

“You’re lucky you’re not a man!!! I would beat your ass for talking death to my friend who is ready to pass,” Padilla tweeted on Monday afternoon.

Padilla’s tweet came around the same time a family source told TMZ that Beth is “not expected to recover.” The outlet reported Tuesday that Beth’s family, including her mother who lives in the mainland United States, is gathering at her bedside to say their goodbyes and “preparing for the worst.”

Is Beth Chapman Dying?

Beth was first diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in September 2017 — cancer that, two months later, she and her husband told fans had been completely removed.

Unfortunately, the cancer returned last year. Beth was rushed to the hospital in November for emergency surgery to clear a throat blockage that was obstructing her airways and was hospitalized once again in April.

Addressing churchgoers in Florida on Mother’s Day, Beth admitted her diagnosis has been “the ultimate test of faith.” She also appeared to allude to having stopped chemotherapy treatments during her speech.

The publication reported that doctors inserted a ventilation tube to help her breathing, but that the tube had since been removed, as the family wants Beth to be “as comfortable as possible” while they pray for recovery

According to The Blast, the entire Chapman family is with her while she remains comatose.












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