How Do Call Centers Help Law Firms with Intake Services?


Currently, law firms can reap a lot of benefits by working with a call center agency. This is because call center professionals not only answer inbound calls in a timely and professional manner, but they also offer other important services like qualifying leads, following up on leads, and offering contract acquisition services.

Moreover, they provide legal intake services, which is a quicker process of vetting potential clients and narrowing down the list to those who can be converted into paying clients. Call centers help law firms get new clients in the following ways.

Qualifying clients 24/7

Your law firm cannot do business 24/7, even if you put in overtime. Furthermore, clients can call during the night or on holidays due to unexpected emergencies and circumstances. If this happens, you need trained professionals to answer the calls immediately, filter the potential clients using your tailored questionnaire or data entry service to remove leads that cannot be converted to clients, and refer qualified clients to your law firm.

Eliminating voicemail

If potential clients need your legal services immediately and they come across a voice mail when they try to reach you, they may look for assistance elsewhere. For example, someone who has sustained injuries in an accident will not want to wait for 24 hours for you to return their call. However, when you hire call center agents, the potential clients will be greeted with real people, who will assist them and prevent you from losing clients who need help immediately. Furthermore, it will strengthen your firm’s reputation.

Giving valuable data

The call center professionals will talk to your potential clients and gather all the relevant data like the problem the caller has, whether you can assist them and if they have the finances to retain your attorneys. This process will filter the leads so you won’t waste time on clients that you cannot locally assist or represent. This will save your firm’s resources as well as the client’s time.

Answering important questions

Potential clients who call you will have a lot of questions. Trained call center agents are very knowledgeable in your niche and will be able to answer the basic legal questions through the phone.

Even though you may have a “Frequently Asked Questions” segment in your website, it may not be comprehensive enough and a potential client may need more answers. Therefore, it is important to hire professionals who will answer all the questions that prospective clients have so your entire team can focus on other things.

Bilingual skills

You can greatly increase the number of your clients by hiring call center professionals with bilingual abilities. These professionals are fluent in more than one language and will be able to help clients who speak other languages, which will enable you to represent everyone rather than only a few people.


In conclusion, call centers help law firms in many ways like; immediately answering pertinent questions from clients and eliminating voicemails between you and your clientele, qualifying clients round the clock, scheduling appointments and collecting valuable data from potential clients. All these services will help your law firm get more clients and save your resources.

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