Indoor Homemade Grow Box Ideas to Try

indoor homemade grow box ideas

These indoor homemade grow box ideas will give you a self-contained growing space where you can grow healthy plants that produce at all times. The benefit of making a grow box is that you can customize its size and specifications exactly to your needs.

Plants, flowers, vegetables, and herbs grow well in a homemade grow box. Whether you are growing sprouts or mature plants, the light and warmth produced by a homemade grow box will make it easy to grow plants indoors in your small house or basement.

Here are indoor homemade grow box ideas you can build using easy to access materials.

DIY Grow Box Made From Recycled Personal Computer

You can convert non-working computer towers into DIY grow boxes by taking the insides of a computer tower apart (except for the fan) and adding a grow light. As a result, plants can be grown inside a second-hand PC tower without anyone suspecting.

Repurpose An Old Tool Chest Into DIY Seedlings Grow box

Making good use of an old tool chest has never been easier. There are even a lot of them available in Craigslist’s free section. As a result, the grow cabinet can even be hung high for growing plants.

In the steps below, I will show you how to build a seedling grow box from a junk tool chest.

  • Remove the doors, casters, and hasp lock using a hammer and screwdriver.
  • Make holes for three exhaust fans, light fixtures, and power switches.
  • Mylar or tin foil should be put inside the box.
  • Wiring the 12V system, installing the fans and switches.
  • On top of the box, install a 55-watt bulb.
  • Wire the 120-volt system.
  • Paint the box after removing the peg board.
  • Watch the seedlings grow as you plant some vegetables or herbs.

Automatic Grow Box

An automatic watering system makes this DIY grow box perfect for providing the right moisture for growing plants. The automated system also provides a perfect growing environment that promotes healthy plant growth by controlling humidity and temperature.

It also has an automated lighting system so you can hand off the plant growing process to let it run independently.

Use An Old PC To Build A DIY Grow Box

Using this method, you can transform your seedling grow box into a computer tower. The grow box plan includes a way to remove the scent, making it a great starter kit for anyone who has never grown anything like this before. You can skip the carbon filter if you want to grow something else.

Here’s how to build a DIY grow box for your PC.

  • Completely disassemble the computer.
  • Seal the fan with duct tape after drilling holes for the light fixtures.
  • Paint the inside of the PC using sandpaper.
  • Direct the wiring to the back of the computer by attaching a roof-mounted E27 light fixture.
  • The “LED full spectrum light bulbs” are now in place.
  • Connect the phone charger wiring to the computer fan wiring.
  • Install the PC fan and add CO2 filter materials to the back.
  • Plug in multi-socket plug and light fixtures with e27 bulbs.
  • Turn on the system and place the timer.
  • Plant seeds, install growing fixtures, and water them.

Indoor Computerized Grow Box

This particular grow box isn’t an electronic device; rather it is made from an old computer. It’s a great way to grow small herbs and keep electronic items out of landfills. Garbage reduction and food production are beneficial situation for everyone.

As a result, this website also offers free plans that explain how to build a large-scale, computerized grow box. The plant’s lighting, heating, air circulation, and watering are overseen by a computer that automatically takes care of all the tasks.

Building the specially designed grow box does not need to do anything until harvesting. You can build a free homemade grow box with these materials and a few minutes of your time.

Build Your Own Grow Box With An Old Dresser 

You can make a stealthy and discreet grow box out of an old dresser. This is great for our purposes, but you can also use it as an inexpensive and discreet spot for growing that you can place in your living room or kitchen.

Using the instructions below, you can make a stealthy dresser-based grow box.

  • Take out all the drawers from the dresser except for the one on the top that will contain exhausted fans.
  • The dresser front should be fix to a drawer bottom.
  • Cut out a 120mm fan hole in a partition wall in the middle.
  • The flowering chamber’s top shelf should be cut to allow for two 120mm fans.
  • The floor was built with four pieces of wood that were attribute together.
  • The vegetable and flower chamber floor can be made using leftover drawers, a few holes dug, and panda film laid over it (vegetable sec).
  • Prepare a scrap board 1/2 inch thick with lights.
  • Fix the flower and vegetable boxes with lights and exhausted fans.
  • Install hinges on the door and glass in the vegetable box. Your grow box is now ready. Switch on the lights.

An Adorable Woodworking Project

You can make this little box with your child even if you are a beginner woodworker. It would even make a great gift! With this DIY seed box, you can start your seeds in the light cart and then easily take them outside.

Simple Grow-Out Box Design for Beginners

The PC stealth grow box tutorial is a great place to start; however, it is not for those who may outgrow their small PC grow box without moving. Ventilation, adjustable lighting, and temperature control are integral parts of the design. As a result, you can put it anywhere you want and make it work.

Large Grow Box

A setup like this would be ideal for a school project you could assign to your children. This homemade grow box is simple and inexpensive to make and supports both seedling and mature plant growth.

Using the plans, you can build this design at any size you choose, making your student’s school project easier, and you’ll also enjoy the lush and healthy plants.

File Cabinet Grow Box

Use an old metal file cabinet to make a grow cabinet easily. You will save money and avoid having to throw away an unwanted file cabinet with this idea.

The drawers on the recycled grow cabinet provide easy access to the plants inside, making them easy to tend and harvest. If you decide to paint the file cabinet to match your interior decor, you can use it as a lampstand or a side table in any room. Recycling a file cabinet will keep people from discovering something is growing inside.

A Large Marijuana Grow Cabinet For The Serious Grower

You may have to pay a bit more for this diy grow cabinet plan, but the materials you’ll need are free. As a result, the grow cabinet looks like a large storage cabinet while growing your plants from start to finish. This is ideal for you if you need to grow a larger quantity, this is ideal for you.

Gorgeous DIY Stealth Armoire Grow Cabinet

The great thing about these indoor homemade grow box ideas is that it allows you to build your DIY grow box right into your home without anyone outside even noticing it. Build-wise, this product is extremely slick and built to grow continuously, without the need for moving plants or having multiple grow systems running simultaneously.

A Simple and Cheap DIY Grow Box For Finicky Plants

Growing humidity-loving tropical plants is now easier than ever, even if you live in a dry environment. This box is complete with a built-in light to complete the look! In addition to propagation, this can be used to start difficult germinate seeds from scratch or take cuttings.

Large Grow Box

You can transform old cabinets into large grow boxes for your house by recycling them. Growing fresh food or using it as marijuana grow box is easy because of its large size. Homemade grow boxes like this one are large enough to accommodate many plants, including tall cannabis plants.

Recycled wooden kitchen cabinets provide you with the box; you just need to add some interior components. It is possible to connect several cabinets to create a growing area large enough to accommodate different types of plants. As a result, you can start growing plants within hours after the hard part of the DIY project has done for you.

Here’s a Basic DIY Grow Box that’s Easy to Start with

It’s easy to build a grow box for someone new to building with these materials or who doesn’t have any experience. You can either use this DIY grow box to grow seedlings of many kinds or to house shorter plants permanently. A basic design such as this can be easily modify to meet your stealth needs.

Indoor Garden Box

Can anyone resist the taste of fresh basil, tomatoes, and peppers in winter? DIY grow boxes like this one make it possible. You can grow vegetables and herbs all year long with this simple yet effective design.

It is easy to build a small but big indoor garden box with these free plans so you can plant several plants inside.

In the early spring, you can start seeds inside this indoor garden box to grow strong, vigorous plants for your spring and summer gardens.

Recycled Refrigerator

From the outside, it resembles a refrigerator, but inside it heats and hydrates plants instead.

These free plans will guide you through making stealthy marijuana grow box. Its unique design will keep this hidden secret from friends and family.

Using these indoor homemade grow box ideas, you can grow produce at the most cost-effective rate with the help of this guide that guides you through the process easily. An instructor advises against purchasing a new eco-friendly refrigerator as a grow box since it is biodegradable.

An eco-friendly refrigerator will break down quickly due to growing lights and other ingredients. A non-working refrigerator is the best choice for this project because it will last longer and not go to the landfill.

Another tote becomes an all-contained indoor grow box

You can use this to start plants that require some attention or to start plants you wish to keep hidden. The whole system can be easily hidden once you’re done, with the ability to slide under beds or into wardrobes.

A basic tote DIY marijuana grows box for 90 bucks!

With the enclosed growing space of this DIY grow box, you can grow your plants throughout the growing process.  As a result, look at the amount of harvest this guy received from this design!

Here are some DIY grow box designs we hope will meet your needs. As a result, several of these can be tailor-made to meet specific needs, and all can be quite useful. Whether you want to grow plants, you will use later (but not all states allow it now!) or a simple herb or flower box, these builds are perfect. It’s easy to take care of these from seed to harvest!

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