3 Easy Keto Salmon Cake Recipes Perfect For Dinner

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May 24

A healthy and quite classy meal for dinner is salmon cake. It looks like your regular beef burger patty, but it’s primarily made of salmon instead. Moreover, this dish won’t take too long to prepare. Here are 3 easy keto salmon cake recipes for you to consider!

1/ Salmon Patties with Fresh Herbs

We’re going to cook a delicious and beautiful salmon cake dish! These salmon patties are filled with various herbs such as chives and dill to improve their flavor. Likewise, lemon zest and parmesan cheese are included. There are even some broccoli and tartar sauce to complement the salmon patties.

Of course, the tasty pink salmon uses crushed pork rinds and two large eggs to help form the salmon cakes. This recipe is enough for five servings, which is equal to two salmon cakes each. Each serving packs 418 calories, 46g protein, 25g fats, and less than three grams of net carbs.

The serving comes out to be:
Calories 418 | Fat (g): 25 | Net Carbs (g): 2.63 | Protein (g): 46

Check out the full recipe here

2/ Keto Salmon Patties with Canned Meat

These low-carb and keto-friendly salmon patties can be prepared in more or less 15 minutes. It’s free from any ingredient containing dairy, and the instructions are easy to follow. This recipe uses pre-crushed pork rinds, which are a wonderful replacement for the high-carb bread crumbs. Just freeze the rinds for a while to remove the flavor of pork.

You can make a tartar sauce for these salmon cakes, but a serving of coleslaw will also work well with this dish. This recipe is enough for six people, with each serving packing 121 calories, 6g fat, 15g protein, and pretty much no substantial amount of carbohydrates.

Here’s a video of cooking ketogenic salmon patties:

The serving comes out to be:
Calories 121 | Fat (g): 6 | Cholesterol (mg): 79 | Potassium (mg): 206 | Protein (g): 15

Check out the full recipe here

3/ Easy Keto Salmon Cakes


Finally, we’ve got this ketogenic salmon cake recipe that uses avocado oil and cream sauce to increase the fat content further. Likewise, the cream sauce is very delicious when combined with the salmon cakes. A bit of chopped jalapeno, diced red onion, garlic powder, chili powder, and mayonnaise will surely give this dish a flavorful kick.

It’s up to you whether you used canned salmon or fresh ones. Now, this recipe is good for two people. Each serving of two salmon cakes has 542 calories, 4g net carbs, 50g fat, 6g fiber, and 10g of protein.

Check out the full recipe here.

In conclusion, you can always enjoy salmon cakes without the high carb content brought about by a regular breading mix. You can experiment with herbs, avocado cream sauce, and either canned or fresh salmon. And if you have any questions, send us a comment!

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